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Logline:   CrowdPool your earnings and hire tax attorneys to reduce your tax burden. Legally.

Problem:  Little people pay taxes. Big companies don’t.

Solution:  Top tax attorneys don’t work pro-bono. The only way the little people can hire them is if they pool their earnings into a sophisticated company entity and hire attorneys to help them legally get around the tax system – like the big guys. That’s Taxpool, a worldwide team of tax and corporate attorneys, asset managers, and financial crowdfunding specialists. Our attorneys know how to save massive corporations billions and now they’re working for you. Suddenly, your little guy tax burden of 30-40% can be miniaturized to 5%, nothing, or even a payment to you, by going offshore, getting government subsidies and tax breaks and reporting sales in third nations competing for your little guy company’s spending power. Employers win big too by using one of our proven catalog of tax-attorney approved Taxpool mechanisms and reduce their tax burden too. So let Taxpool take care of your taxes for just a small percentage of what you earn and suddenly you’re paying what the big companies pay in tax, which is basically pennies. Yabba!


Written by coolrebel

June 4, 2015 at 9:32 am

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