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Logline:   Your Online Gene Store.

Problem:   Buying genes for your babies is difficult and confusing. 

Solution:  Violin prodigy? Basketball phenom? Math genius? Parents used to have to dream that their child would be one, now they just have to visit and start our simple turnkey process. From gene purchase and egg-storage, to final DNA fusion and impregnation, the eggheads at make it easy to get the kid you want with no risk and no fuss. Simply fill out our application, choose the genius level you’d like for your child (from high school varsity @ $250k to world champion level @ $5m) and we’ll get that egg pumped up with a designer gene that’s right for you. Browse gene characteristics with our GeeGee GenieGenom App. Buy genes in twenty-five categories at affordable prices that get the gene you want where it needs to go. Get 10% off your initial order with discount coupon “Inherit”. 

Written by coolrebel

June 6, 2015 at 6:55 pm

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