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Logline:   Scented Compressed Air

Problem:   Breathable air solutions are too generic and medicinal.

Solution:  MCs (Moon Colonists) are getting bored of the air they’re breathing. It’s all the same. Bottle or pod, everyone’s breathing the same oxygen-enhanced clinical air that humans breathed in the gambling dens of Old Las Vegas. But that world was itself artificial. Our research shows that back on Earth when the air was breathable, it carried scents and infusions that gave the term “a breath of fresh air” special and localized meaning. Now there’s a way to capture the smell of honeysuckle, or jasmine, or rose, or just plain car fumes for the older MC’s who still remember life on Earth. It’s called Flowa. Simply punch in your air character mix on our app, and our drones will get you your air cocktail in any amounts you choose, either in portable pods or for your moon igloo air-store. Our template mixes include cultural and national scent-driven leitmotifs too. Close your eyes as you sit in your igloo, stroll through a sunny virtual reality meadow, and take a deep drag of the freshest, most evocative air you’ve ever breathed. Add a timed sedative for night-time breathing, or a pick-me-up boost when you wake up. Your first Flowa order has an instant 10% discount, because after that we’ll know you’ll be hooked.

Written by coolrebel

June 7, 2015 at 1:14 pm

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