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About There Is No Plan…

There is no plan…

But There Is A Philosophy…

Think about it and you’ll realize that there’s virtually no such thing as a plan that’s perfectly executed just the way it was set up in the playbook. Nine out of every ten plays is broken up, or takes too long to develop.

And what’s good for football is good for politics too.

Indeed, the more convinced people are that their plans will work, the more likely it is that they don’t. When one of my kids was being born, the maternity ward nurses chuckled one evening that it was the women with the “laminated birthing plans” that always ended up with the emergency caesareans.

TINP’s response is to look for alternatives to the dogmatic “laminated” plans that let us down so often. To see ideology as a disease, something to be sidestepped in pursuit of a greater modern, moral, economically and ecologically viable goal.

I write this blog so that others can contribute to the forging of these ideas. Enjoy.


Written by coolrebel

August 22, 2012 at 3:53 pm