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So Much For Live Strong: Lance Armstrong Accepts Defeat

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An innocent man never concedes defeat.

Welcome to the Untouchables, Mr. Armstrong. It turns out that triumphing over cancer wasn’t enough heroism for you. You had to take us all for a ride too.

Lance Armstrong gives up fight against USADA charges┬ásays the LA Times among others. It looks likely that the many times winner of the Tour de France will be stripped of his titles. He’ll continue to protest his innocence of course, but the damage will have been done. He will have been exposed, and along with that humiliation will come another, not for Mr. Armstrong, but for us, the slavish world that embraced this man despite a feeling that everything he did was a sham.

We are the willing victims. We are the sheep who are prepared to believe. We are the cultish wearers of his silly yellow bracelets, and consumers of his inspirational advertisements and sponsored aphorisms, dedicated to his greater glory.

Will we learn not to listen and unthinkingly worship yet more cults built on flimsy but well crafted public relations facades? Will we stop being worshippers and begin instead to question and think critically about our actions?

Probably not all at once. But incrementally, very incrementally, it’s moments like these that teach us not to trust a liar and a cheat.

That is a good thing.


Written by coolrebel

August 23, 2012 at 7:06 pm