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My Advice – Keep Pitching

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Last night, which happened to be Christmas evening, I pitched my business to some septuagenarian friends of my octogenarian parents to see if they’d get it. They got it. I made sure to tell them the story of the business before the brandy.

The moral of this short snippet of a story is simple. Keep pitching. Because the better you get it down the more compelling your pitch will be when you get into a drab conference room with a hard-assed investor who’s got a five minute slot to hear what you got.

That’s the obvious, up front reason, but there’s another more subtle one too. The more you pitch, the closer you become to your own creation and the more you discover how much you – yourself – it’s driver and inspiration – actually and truly believe in it. It becomes fuller, richer, and yet more concise, containing the key nuggets of info that matter. The Elevator, the market, the competition, the numbers. Just what you need and nothing more.

It’s a simple recipe.┬áBecause if you really do love what you’re pitching, there’s a very good chance that investor might fall in love with it too.

Written by coolrebel

December 26, 2012 at 12:58 am