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Apps – A Paradox Of Choice Is Coming.

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The best-selling Swiss Army Knives don’t carry everything, they carry the blades and tools that people use regularly enough to feel they’re worth having in their pocket. A Swiss Army Knife that’s fatter than it is long once, twice, or even three times over is an absurd idea – but in a way that’s the direction we’re headed in the App universe.

Apps are like Swiss Army Knife tools. People can only have so many before the addition of a new item becomes meaningless. They just don’t need it. They already have one that works.

Every days a hundred new apps go live on mobiles or on the web that are trying to usurp the position of another. People tend to stick to the familiar, to the app that works, to the one that’s most practiced and reliable, and widely used. It’s becoming harder and harder for a new app to replace an established app – unless it actually offers something that both makes life easier and has an Oh My God impact. ( MLE + OMG = A winner). In other words, the new tool has to be different enough or a big enough leap on one that’s already on your Swiss Army Knife.

That’s a tough nut to crack, and with each day that passes, it becomes even harder.

Just re-conceptualizing a current online practice doesn’t cut it with anymore. Simply┬ábeing evolutionary is not enough, because existing and established apps can evolve and do every day, swallowing up minor innovations with ease. Successful new stand-alone apps have to be revolutionary, with all the problems that entails. People doubt true newness, and it’s hard to pull off.

It’s a challenge that we all face, if we want to take our place on the online version of the Swiss Army Knife.

Written by coolrebel

January 5, 2013 at 4:25 pm

The Power of Proof Of Concept

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Proof of Concept
This thing will totally work.

One of the lessons I’ve learnt as I move on to a new startup is that proof of concept is critical. Investors are like Hollywood execs. If the pitch doesn’t grab them in twenty seconds it’s over. And what better way to get their attention than with something that actually works when you click “go”.

Investors want to see that they’re putting their dough into something that’s more than talk, more than an idea on a prettified well-written deck. The more I explore the startup world, the more it strikes me that investors value a few things above all else, tangibility, simplicity, and its first cousin, clarity.

The bad news is that a proof of concept isn’t easy to crank up, especially if the concept is challenging from an engineering standpoint. The good news is that raising a little seed money to get it done is more possible than a full angel round, and that if all else fails bootstrapping for equity is possible.

The role of the deck is really to make a case that there’s a market for the venture, and to showcase the Founders of the company that’s trying to make it happen. In other words, having a deck without a POC is like bluffing at Texas Hold’em when everyone else at the table is a pro.

The only difference is that instead of losing your shirt, you’ll just be wasting your time.

Written by coolrebel

December 17, 2012 at 6:15 pm