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Obama. Get some backbone!

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Who exactly is running this show? Because right now the GOP seems to be leading the President by the nose. They complain and Obama seems to take heed. They whine about not paying taxes being terrible when half of their caucus was up to their neck in the Abramoff scandal.

Integrity can be a double-edged sword. If you swear by it too much, it can come back and bite you. Obama seems more concerned about polishing his bipartisan credentials than getting anything serious done. The GOP has decided that he’s a liberal that they have to block while the President has decided he wants ‘cross the aisle’. Those two concepts aren’t compatible. He has to abandon this bipartisan obsession now or see his critical first hundred days go up in smoke.

The GOP must be loving this moment. Far from being hustled into obscurity, they’ve been courted and coddled. First, Obama genuflects to the GOP house caucus and gets nothing, then he nominates Judd Gregg for Commerce, after Richardson, a superb public servant gets dumped. And meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is demanding that the President get the Democratic caucus in order if he wants bipartisanship. The gall of that is stupendous, but does Obama respond with the derision it deserves? No, he jumps to it.

Things are getting out of hand. Obama needs to remember who he is. He’s a Democrat, elected by Democrats to bring real “change” to this country. Or was his election mantra just another clever slogan?

Written by coolrebel

February 3, 2009 at 10:33 am

“We Simply Cannot Ask The American Taxpayer To Subsidize Failure”

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Study the words in the title, and take a think. Haven’t we already subsidized failure to the tune of hundred of billions in the last three months?


i speak with forked tongue

Before Mitch McConnell uttered the phrase above, he made sure to try to separate the bailout of the auto industry from the bailout of the financial industry. The financial bailout he said, was to shore up the entire economy. The auto bailout would support a single industry.

But McConnell’s cries of selectivism should fall on deaf ears. The US Auto Industry is no ordinary industry. It represents a big chunk of our albeit shrinking manufacturing output. It’s not as if the aluminum siding, or the garden furniture industries were looking for federal handouts. We’re talking about cars here. You can’t walk five yards in this country without seeing fifty. If the US car industry were to fail it would impact millions of Americans, would crush a thousand companies that rely on the Big Three, would severely impact the world auto industry, and would dig us deeper into recession.The truth is that sometimes principles have to suffer. But it’s not as if McConnell and his fellow Republicans can make any claim on ideological purity when it comes to subsidies. Read the rest of this entry »