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Obama versus his Cabinet

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eahhh. i've seen better.

So what exactly is Obama thinking with his cabinet picks?

Everyone from Joe Lieberman to Pat Buchanan is delighted with Obama’s top job choices. Joe says they’re “perfect”, which suggests Obama is doing something very, very wrong. Pundits are torn. Is Obama a closet centrist who sold us a bill of goods with all that ‘change’ stuff? Or is he a progressive who’s going to browbeat all his experienced Clintonians into doing his bidding.

My guess is the answer is neither. Obama said today that the ‘change’ is going to come from his desk and filter downwards, but that’s easier said than done. If Obama truly is a progressive (and he really needs to be to define this historical economic moment), a more likely outcome is that the cabinet could quickly descend into ideological squabbling as the President talks up real change, and the cabinet talk up real caution. Obama is known as a consensus builder. If the cabinet is moderate, the consensus will be moderate, and real ‘change’, well that will have to wait.

It would certainly help the President’s ‘change scenario’ that at least one of his major cabinet picks was someone, well, new. But there isn’t really one guy in the top team that offers a totally new perspective on anything at all. So far moderation and predictability has been the order of the day, except in the case of HRC for State, which strikes me more as either fear or plain stupidity.

Time will tell, of course. But there’s one word that definitely wouldn’t be used to describe the new cabinet.

And that’s transformative.

The Republican Civil War Begins – Part 1

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For all of us looking for a new soap opera after the longest election season on record, we can look forward to the mother of all political civil wars – in the GOP. It’s been a long time coming, but Rove’s kleenex and spit attempt to hold together rival factions in the party (with a helping hand from the war on terror and rampant borrowing) looks like it’s finally about to come apart at the seams. All it took was a top quality Democratic candidate who lacked the party’s penchant for self-destruction, and the worst economic crisis since the Depression, and we’re on the verge of one of the most vicious schisms in political history. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by coolrebel

November 11, 2008 at 1:02 pm