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Obama and Iraq – Now Comes The Hard Part.

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04/24/95_15.58_SAIGONViet Nam

saigon 1975. will it be different when we leave Iraq?

Ivan Watson, NPR’s Baghdad Correspondent was the target of an assassination attempt today when he and his team were nearly killed by a car bomb. And in recent weeks there has clearly been a spike in violence in Iraq. Let nobody say that the situation that war-torn country is anything close to peaceful.

And yet the next President is going to withdraw our troops. Not in victory, or in defeat, but ‘believing’ and ‘hoping’ that peace will break out when we’re gone. That’s a bet many wouldn’t make.

Obama staked his early rise to prominence on a speedy withdrawal from Iraq, and superficially, facts on the ground seem to bear him out. He’s committed to a “safe and responsible” withdrawal of US troops around sixteen months from taking office. He has the support of the Maliki government, and the vast majority of the Iraqi people want us gone. The Status of Forces agreement which mandates our withdrawal by the end of 2001 also provides us with some political cover too.

So what’s the problem? Simple. When we leave, there is simply no way we won’t be leaving a power vacuum in Iraq. Read the rest of this entry »

When Will Hank Paulson Be Done Wrecking The Country?

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He’s got less than two months to do it, but it’s possible that by the time Obama gets into the hot seat, America may be in a very nasty depression. Take Hank’s words of wisdom for example on NPR.

November 13th.

Nobody is asking themselves anymore is there some major institution that might fail…

November 23rd

Ten days later and Citigroup’s stock is trading at well below the level where many institutional investors have to sell. Citigroup and the Government meet over the weekend to create a “bad bank” backed by the Government to park all Citigroup’s ‘toxic’ junk, so the bank can rebuild at taxpayer expense

Please, Hank, just go away.

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November 23, 2008 at 10:53 pm