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Love Songs Can Lead To Divorce

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It’s a startling statistic. Over 50% of people who marry before the age of 24 get divorced, as opposed to only 5% of people who get married after the age of 35.

Of course there are many reasons. Most of them have to do with maturity, like for example, people under 24 are more prone to be swayed by the lyrics of the countless sappy love songs that fill their ipods.

It stands to reason, if song after song keeps telling you “you’re the one”, “there’s nobody else like you” etc etc etc, you’re going to be disappointed when real life sets in.

Less syrupy and unrealistic love lyrics equals lower divorce rates. Perhaps it’s time for songs to carry a warning.

“The publisher, distributor and artists of [insert song title here] in no way endorse familial happiness or passion, and the lyrics of this song are not to be seen as an implicit promise of success in a given relationship. Individual listeners remain responsible for their own romantic liaisons in every respect.”

Written by coolrebel

November 21, 2008 at 10:52 am