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Obama Created The GOP War On Women – And It’s Helping Him Win

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This is Barack’s M.O. He sees opportunities and he takes them.

In 2008 Bill Clinton said some dumb stuff which let Obama drive a wedge between Hill and the black vote ( which up to that time didn’t give two hoots that BO was black ). This year, BO’s luck was Rick Santorum’s surprise show in IA primary which elevated him and his weird medieval attitudes to women right to the fore until his inevitable defeat months later. Obama just watched and stirred and drove that wedge as various other lemmings jumped onto the extreme anti-abortion position, along with their Planned Parenthood fetish, and suddenly the “War on Women” was born with help from Social Media and the blogs.

The War is really a Democratic creation and a good one. And the more Barack’s campaign and the White House goaded the far right in the GOP the more they stepped right in it. The GOP wanted Akin out of the race. He’s set to lose. The GOP would have preferred Dick Lugar and his senate vote to defeat in Indiana. The GOP as a whole doesn’t want a war on women, because soccer moms are vital to a win in swing states. Romney has been his usual tepid self on the issue so he’s tarred with its brush. And guess what, OH is starting to solidify for Obama, FL is tied, and the Mid-West is holding for the President. Romney’s momentum after the first debate is thoroughly dissipated.

Since Rick first worked his ban contraception insanity Bo has been working it to win back women, knowing that they’re the key to the show. And it looks like it paid dividends. Bless Rick Santorum and Akin and Mourdock and the loons who put all that stuff on the GOP platform. Thanks guys.

Written by coolrebel

November 2, 2012 at 9:23 pm