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Startups of the Future – V-Dice

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Logline: Virtual Reality Shopping Mall

Problem: You love shopping but hate the crowds and hassle.

Solution:  Just pop on your VR mask, fire up V-Dice and start shopping. All of our 20000 member stores are featured, aisle after aisle, product after product, in stereoscopic HD. Pick a country, a city, a product, anything. Just say what you need and you’ll skate there in a second. Want to browse? Just a few simple spoken instructions and the store is your domain. Just point to the product you want to check out and a whole vista of video, descriptions, reviews and testimonials will pop up in front of your eyes. Want it? Just drag it into your shopping cart. Hate it? Just shake your head and it pops back on the shelf. Want to go somewhere you’ve never been before, just say “Dice”. Want to go shopping with friends? The V-Dice social layer has you covered. Want to bump into some new friends? Activate avatar view and you might just do that. Buying for an occasion? Just answer a few questions and V-Dice will give you recs and take you there by magic. And guess what, there’s no line at the checkout! Ever!

V-Dice is free to use, and lets you shop where you want without having to deal with parking, crowds, panhandlers, expensive mediocre food, aching ankles, and weather. Sure there are pesky ads but at least they’re personalized and pop-up in the strangest of places. Why go shopping when you can just roll the dice from the comfort of your faithful old recliner in your living room?

Written by coolrebel

June 25, 2015 at 6:14 am

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