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NFL Owners Are Rapacious Hyenas

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To say NFL owners are stupid, craven, avaricious, and frankly disgusting collection of rapacious low life is an understatement. They went to the wall for a few million bucks (out of the billions they earn from their “product”) against the referees they were too dumb to realize they needed to keep their brain omelette creating gladiatorial bread and circuses spectacle going.

At first, they figured that fan attacks would be pointed at the NFL referees for allowing these overmatched replacements to take the field. And initially they were right, but then the inevitable happened – the Green Bay Hail Mary TD interception disaster, and the outrage began to turn to a more general attack on, well, them. Would the public demand they open their books, or sniff around their real estate, labor-busting deals to see if they pass the smell test? Maybe…

At which point they caved like a bunch of pantywaists. 

That makes you wonder two things. 

One. It only goes to show how utterly outrageous you have to be to get rich these days.

Two. It makes you want to vomit. 

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September 27, 2012 at 6:55 am

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Everyone’s Wrong: Facebook Played Its IPO Brilliantly.

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Zuckerberg’s sitting on $10 billion. Not bad
for some vaporware. 

I know, I know, the CW on this is quite the opposite, but in the light of what institutions, analysts, journos and just about everyone has been saying for months about FB’s mobile monetization woes, fifteen bucks is a very fat benchmark for the company (and the price is currently $20). Everyone’s dumping the desktop platform – and Facebook’s share of the miniscule mobile ad-spend is, let’s just say, miniscule. With its market cap still at still half that of McDonalds, one has to ask, how did they do that!?

The answer may be very simply this. That when the pump machine was working overtime, the guys backing this IPO knew the truth. They knew retail investors were going to climb on and then take a bath. But here’s the thing. They were going to take a mobile-concern driven 50% haircut if they’d priced the IPO at a fairer $20, and if they did that, the price would now be a thin and unhealthy $10, so they went all out and piled on, knowing that with the drop, they’d still be in the $15-20 range. They used the vastly over-inflated venture capital “valuation” of the company based on past equity purchases, to suspend disbelief that $38 was just a ridiculous opening price. And now they’re sitting pretty with a good price as the market’s low.

In this case there may well have been a plan at Facebook. Too bad the rest of the “analysts” and retail schmucks didn’t have one, or the price would be where it should be – at $10.

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September 25, 2012 at 10:04 am

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Snark About The New MySpace Is Off The Charts

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The Mere Existence Of A “New Myspace” Makes Me Want To Hurl. Just Let It Go.
says Drew Olanoff.

There’s been a huge amount of snark about #myspace . The interface looks great, and the outfit cost what Mark Zuckerberg earns in a day. They’re wrong to try and revive it? Of course not. It’s just in the macho-nerd tech world everything is either hyped to the point of absurdity or cast off into the deadpool as a has-been. Except that this is the same tech world that has deified Steve Jobs, who was the ultimate comeback kid. 

It’s probable that MySpace revived won’t make it, but stranger things have happened. And if it becomes the neXT big thing Drew will probably change his tune. 

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September 25, 2012 at 7:54 am

Libyan Crisis: The Good Guys Fight Back But Is It Enough

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Perhaps someone tipped off the Salafist militia in Benghazi that the good people of the city were coming to burn their house down, because nobody was home when it happened. The bad guys had gone to ground.

The media has been basking in the warm sunshine of the moment. Look, the reports all imply, the good guys have fought back against the dudes with the black banners and sent them packing. It must mean that a liberal democracy is just around the corner. Putting aside the fact journalism shouldn’t be about wishful thinking, there’s another very good reason they’re whistling in the wind. And it’s this…
It takes way, way, way, way less people to trigger a failed state than it does to build a successful one.
Let’s just take the Libyan example. Do we honestly think that people who want to recreate a Medieval Caliphate are going to just go gently into the night? No, we expect them to fight back any way they can. And that means terrorism. Terrorism against innocent people, against oil installations, against public figures, against any advance towards a liberal, economically successful, essentially secular state. 
Will they be successful in creating their beloved Caliphate? Of course not. But will their attempt be enough to stifle the development of their country? Definitely. Will their outrages be enough to destabilize their putative nationhood? Easily. 
Western nations, like the UK and US with full anti-terrorist infrastructures, top quality law enforcement, and strong constitutional governments have enough trouble suppressing Islamic extremism. What are the chances that a young, fractured, poorly-educated country with limited infrastructure, history, and education will be able to? 
Almost none.
Ditto with Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq…

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September 22, 2012 at 8:35 am

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Salafists and The Arab Spring. The Clash Begins.

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Apparently a Tunisian Salafist leader has “escaped” arrest for protesting the world’s most crap anti-Islam movie.

But what’s really going on here? Nobody really knows, but here’s an idea. The “moderate” Islamists that are taking over their basket case economies after the Arab Spring are scared shitless of the Salafists that have been unleashed by the end of strongman driven dictatorships, and in Tunisia, they let this guy go for fear of what arresting him might do. When Salafists attacked an art gallery in Tunis for showing work that insulted the Prophet, the government suggested that it was actually “hooligans infiitrating” the peaceful Salafist demonstration that wrecked the gallery.

Ahah. Sure. That sounds feasible.

Ben-Ali, Gaddafi, and Mubarak are gone (and Assad seems sure to follow) and that means it’s open season for the previously underground Salafists to bring out their whipping sticks and start beating up on girls who show a little ankle.

But here’s the problem. These countries are damned if they go after the Salafists and damned if they don’t.

If the governments of these countries squirrel their way out of confronting the Salafist threat, then they can kiss Western Tourism good-bye as the Salafists start raiding Western beaches with their switches, and watch their countries go into an economic tailspin – which ultimately threatens their own survival unless they decide to forgo the whole democracy deal and declare a state of emergency for thirty years or so. If they do that, of course, it’s b-bye foreign aid too.

And if the Islamists in power do summon up the courage to seriously go after the Salafists, then they’ll have to deal with a fired up bunch of extremists who will see the moderate Islamists as agents of the infidel, go underground and start bombing up the place, which will have pretty much the same effect. These post-strongman countries simply don’t have the security apparatus in place in keep a lid on the Salafists, and if they get the apparatus, they’ll be inviting a strongman to take over when the time is right.

We’ve yet to reap the true rewards of the Arab Spring, but we’re about to. And within a year or two, as unpalatable as this sounds, we in the West may well be wishing for regional strongmen we can trust to reestablish a semblance of order. If that happens, we’ll have the Salafists to thank for the irony.

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September 18, 2012 at 7:53 am

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Parallel Universe: Obama as Moderate Republican, Romney as Blue Dog Democrat.

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Is it really that far fetched?


The Romney that was Governor in Massachusetts, you know, the Romneycare, pro-life, Romney could easily have been a Blue Dog. And if the GOP was the way it should be if it wants any hope of winning the White House in 2020 and beyond, it could easily nominate that Romney as its candidate.

And Obama the cautious, you know, the Obama who went soft on Wall Street, and pushed a Heritage Foundation Healthcare plan, and piled the Stimulus with tax cuts, and bailed on Elizabeth Warren, and didn’t take us out of Aghanistan, and is busy piling sanctions on Iran, and took out Osama Bin Ciao for Now, could easily be a moderate Republican in the Ford, Dole, Teddy Roosevelt, Bush the Elder, mould.

And here’s the i-y-ony.

A GOP Obama would be beating a Democratic Romney just the same as he is now.

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September 16, 2012 at 10:33 pm

Both Kate Middleton’s Boobs Are Fair Game.

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The British Royal Family has been reinventing itself for quite some time now.

Starting with the salacious details of Princess Di’s life and loves, the deliberate tabloidization of the monarchy has become a staple of international life and media. It came on apace in the Cool Brittania era and is now moving at breakneck speed, In only the last few weeks, The Queen had her diamante jubilee on a boat in the pissing rain for hours, has allowed a body double of herself to parachute into the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, while her wayward grandson Prince Harry has been caught with his wanger on show in Las Vegas of all places, and now an enterprising French ( it has to be French!) “publication” has got the telephotos of her eldest grandson’s duchess with her kit off.

Is nothing sacred?

Answer. Non.

The Royals have set them up for this by allowing themselves to become celebrities in the purest sense of the word. They actively seek public display, as part of Britain’s attempt to paper over its gaping, post-imperial cracks, and in fact they’re probably secretly quite happy with the kerfuffle. The idea that they’ll sue the magazine is just grist to the mill. Fat chance that’ll work without a huge blowback. You leave the sanctuary of the palace and you’re fair game even if Rupert Murdoch won’t publish the shots. A lawsuit for that? Uhh?

Commoners sue to get their honor back, monarchies go to war. Ask any self-respecting Dauphin and his bint in ancien regime France, and they’d have told you they couldn’t take a dump in private, let alone sunbathe topless. But now, somehow, the monarchy are crying that their privacy has been violated. With respect, your highnesses, but bollox. As ye reap, so shall ye sow.

Vive La France and all that.

Written by coolrebel

September 15, 2012 at 4:11 pm