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Startups of the Future – Inoculous

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Logline:  Virtual Reality Therapy For Virtual Reality Addicts.

Problem: Off-line treatments for Virtual Addiction Disorder (VAD) don’t work.

Solution: More hardcore Vada’s than ever are having illegal skull-merging surgery to fix their helmets on their heads, then powering them with their own brain’s electrical energy. Conclusion. Sending them to a conventional VAD rehab simply isn’t working. And it gets worse. Many Vada’s experience irreversible brain trauma after even after slow reintroduction to the real world. Which is why our team of world-renowned brain research scientists said there had to be a better way to treat VAD. The answer? Use VR to cure VAD. Seems crazy, but in controlled trials by our company a massive 60% of Vada’s using Inculous protocols were able to readjust to real life without psychotic symptoms. That’s a whopping 800% more than regular VAD rehab.

Inoculous is a built around a series of patent pending VR programs which slowly but surely reintroduces reality to patients – in VR form – to help Vada’s readjust once their helmets are forcibly or surgically removed. Robot battle simulation games with real-life consequences for human characters including detail-rich spatter, hyper-porn where breast sizes are seamlessly ratcheted down from FFF to EE and finally a more normal DD, reduction of role-play superpowers from omniscience, all the way down to mere mortal, are just a few of the therapies Inoculous features. After strait-jacketing, Vadas forced to watch our carefully designed VR programs often suffer from stimulus expectation deficit and beg to be able to voluntarily take off their helmets – only to find that reality isn’t so bad after all.*

So send your loved one to one of our five Inoculous VAD Rehabs in the Bay Area and your son and daughter will be taking out the garbage in no-time. Introductory prices start at only $40,000 a day.

*Results vary. Relapses occur in all but the mildest VAD cases.


Written by coolrebel

June 11, 2015 at 6:10 pm

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