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Startups of the Future – Zapp

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Logline:  Turn your mobile device into a non-lethal weapon.

Problem:  The new volunteer police forces aren’t working. 

Solution: It’s a dangerous world out there. You need protection with you at all times. Just download the Zappapp, and get a full array of non-lethal weapons you can deploy in a second from your mobile device.  Nothing extra to weight you down. Turn your camera flash into a temporary blindness laser blast. Make your attacker’s ears bleed with our directional sound-piercer, get early warning of nearby attackers with our facial-intent-tracker, which uses a machine-learning algorithm to separate the harmless from the harmful. And send out the alarm to one our partner private police forces. Upgrade to a full GPS threat monitor that shows you known chip-implanted criminals nearby so you can cross the street ahead of time. Feel safer? You should.

With Zappapp you can finally walk the streets with a smile on your face.

Written by coolrebel

June 9, 2015 at 7:04 pm

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