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Startups of the Future – Acceptaball

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Logline: Stay in the communications safe zone.

Problem: It’s easy to say or write the wrong thing. 

Solution:  You have a lot to say and a lot of places to say it, but all it takes is one unsavory innuendo, or hint of antagonism against a minority, a failure to use the correct non-specific gender pronoun, and you’re suddenly a bigot. Your career can be ruined, your relationships destroyed, your online and offline happiness shattered. It can happen to anyone. Don’t let it happen to you.

Acceptaball is a tiny animated box with a ball inside that floats on every one of your device screens and monitors your communications online and off always listening for that stray comment that’s unacceptable to cool people like you. It learns your speech and writing pattern fast, and within 24 hours can predict and warn you when you’re about to say or write something you shouldn’t. There are a ton of other useful features to enhance your experience.

Acceptaball is free to test for two days, and then costs $999 a year, which is cheap when you compare that to what a comment can cost you – which is everything.  Get 25% off your first year with code “dontbeatard”.

Written by coolrebel

January 28, 2016 at 1:24 am

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