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Logline: AI Decision-Making App

Problem: Life is full of bad decisions. 

Solution:  So let our app decide for you. Just punch in some simple answers to some simple questions and Decider will guarantee an objectively correct answer to every question, from the smallest consumer choice, to the most profound and important decisions in life. All you have to do is let our app track your every digital move and we can build up a profile of you that will know you better than you know yourself.

How does Decider decide? That’s the smart part. The more info we have about decisions and outcomes that we have, cross-referenced with our vast world information scraper, the better we can focus in and improve outcomes. Should you buy that house? Should you marry your fiance? Should you take that job? With Decider the simple decisions are always free, but we charge a fee to help you compute larger ‘life’ decisions. Beta users of our MVP have experienced 78.9% improvement in life outcomes than non users. Happier marriages, better career choices, better investments.  Our long term goals include a version for corporations and governments, including a platinum “head of state” feature for world leaders.

So next time your life is on the line, don’t leave it to chance, leave it to the Decider. 50% off your first life decision with code “dontfuckup”.

Written by coolrebel

August 5, 2015 at 2:09 pm

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