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Logline:   Everything On Demand.

Problem:   So many on-demand apps. So little time.

Solution:  We’re guessing your home screen’s getting a little full just now. I mean what is the world coming too when you have a whole group dedicated to dog-walking apps? Answer: Confusing as all get-out. Which is why we invented Everything, the on-demand app that connects you to the best on-demand apps in your area free. Now just just need one on-demand app and you’re done. Need your laundry done? Want your Ikea shelves assembled? Jonesing for your favorite comfort food? Is your butler sick for the day? Does your fluffy Pomeranian need a walk and a whizz? Need an at-home blow-out pronto? The list goes on and on and on. No problem. Just load up “Everything” with your CC and profile, speak your order, click “Get” and “Everything” will automatically choose the right on-demand app to get your stuff or service delivered pronto. It’s that easy. Of course it does leave you with one tiny problem. What are you going to with all that home-screen real estate?

Written by coolrebel

June 8, 2015 at 4:07 pm

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