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Startups of the Future – Flaggle

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Logline: Turnkey create-a-country system.

Problem: Building a ground-up sovereign state is way too hard.

Solution: The collapse of the United Nations unleashed demand for privately generated sovereign states, but until now creating one has been a big challenge. Not anymore. Enter Flaggle, a carefully curated bundle of products and services that you’ll need to carve out that shining city on the hill. From top class private police units, to fully equipped mercenary naval, land and air forces, to infrastructure experts, energy resources, agricultural and urban planners, Flaggle will have your libertarian paradise up and running in no time. Need a currency? We can build it. Designing some regulations? We can make them look cast-iron and full of holes. Considering a constitution? Choose one of our simple plug-in templates and have our team of top constitutional experts tailor it to your needs. From pure democracy to Machiavellian surveillance state Flaggle has got you covered. We can even have our culture team conjure a complete historical mythology, design your flag, and even write a national anthem, to give your pseudo-state serious credibility. Most importantly, we can back your national treasury with rolling credit at great rates, so your glorious mother country can get going right away. So call Flaggle to stake your claim and start your nation before another company gets there first.




Written by coolrebel

June 14, 2015 at 7:02 pm

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